What: Function to manually trigger an automation by bulk-tagging contacts.
Why: Launches, Promos, Campaigns, Segment sequences.
Situation: Currently, bulk tagging does not add the contacts to an automation, even if "tag added" is set as the trigger.
Option 1: Create an option in preferences, "Allow bulk tagging to trigger automations."
Option 2: Enable this by default and display a warning when bulk tagging "Adding this tag will add XXX contacts to the automation YYYY. Do you really want to tag these contacts?"
Currently, there is no way to manually trigger an automation, other than tagging each contact individually. (which is unfeasible for any decent number of contacts)
This is a major downside of Mailpoet since one of the most important use cases for automations are launch campaigns that must be manually triggered.
The solution above would make Mailpoet much more attractive for email marketers who currently cannot use mailpoet for the sole reason that manually starting automations is an absolutely crucial function for any email-marketing app.
This function is super easy to implement and would elevate Mailpoet to a completely new level.