When using MailPoet to send Wordpress emails, it takes over all emails sent through Wordpress. I do enjoy the customization for the transaction emails that MailPoet provides. But, on the flip side we have many other points of where emails are sent, like contact us and form submissions. Unfortunately, it seems like there is only one option for the to/from email addresses in the settings. It would be great if there was multiple options to further customize what emails get used for what.
For example, our transactional emails typically come from a specific "order" email. However, we have contact forms that should come from a more generalized email. Also, any support ticket seems to be channeled through the default email in the settings, which would be great if they could go to a different email since another person who doesn't have access to the default email.
As a new user, this is just a pain point I'm coming across. If there was a way to delineate what emails get used for different categories that would be great. Maybe there could in the settings different fields for a transactional to/from email, then a general to/from email, then maybe a support to/from email.
Just more granular control over the default email with the ability to have multiple default emails would be great!